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Multichannel Systems - Standard Microelectrode Arrays (MEA's)

Technical Specifications of Standard 60MEA's
Temperature compatibility 0 - 125 C
Dimension (W x D x H) 49 mm x 49 mm x 1 mm
Base material  Glass
Track material ITO (Indium tin oxide) or Ti (TTO (Indium tin oxide)
Contact pads ITO (Indium tin oxide) or TiN (Titanium nitride)
Electrode diameter 10 or 30 μm
Interelectrode distance (centre to centre) 100 or 200 μm
Electrode height Planar
Electrode type  TiN (Titanium nitride)
Electrode impedance 30 - 50 k-Ohms for 30 μm electrodes
250 - 400 k-Ohms for 10 μm electrodes
Electrode layout grid 8 x 8
Number of recording electrodes 59 (with iR) or 60 (without iR)
Number of reference electrodes 1 internal reference electrode (iR) or without internal reference
Source layout in “Data Source Setup” 2 dim. (MEA) or Configuration
MEA perfusion chamber  (Ring Options) (w/o) Without ring
(gr)    Glass ring: ID +/- 19 mm, OD 24 mm, height 6 / 12 mm
(pr)    Plastic ring without thread: ID 26.5 mm, OD 30 mm, height 6 / 3 mm
(pr-T)      Plastic ring with thread: ID 26 mm, OD 30 mm, height 6 / 15 mm
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