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Harvard Apparatus Canada - Samba Micro Pressure Monitoring System and Sensors

Simple and Accurate Pressure Monitoring
With a Samba Preclin transducer, intravascular blood pressure (IBP) and left ventricular pressure (LVP) monitoring become more straightforward than ever. Inserted through the carotid or fermoral artery you can receive accurate, high resolution data.

Revolutionary Pressure Patterns
The small size allows you to insert the sensor directly into the brain tissue or in the brain ventricles and measure very rapid trauma events. The extremely fast sampling rate and sensitivity enable you to see pressure patterns never observed before.

MRI and Electro-Magnetic Field Compatible
Samba Preclin offers exciting opportunities when using MRI-scanners. The sensor gives you total freedom to monitor pressure while simultaneously capturing images in the latest high-end scanners. Gating also becomes more reliable and robust with the Samba Preclin transducer.

For Example, if placed in the tail artery of a rat, both IBP and respiratory signals can be captured using a single sensor. 


Preclinical research in the area of:
• Heart and Circulation
• Brain and Nervous System
• Lungs and Breathing
• Digestive System
• Kidney and Urinary System
• Reproduction System
• Muscles

How to use Samba Preclin

The primary feature is the miniature size: 0.36 or 0.42 mm depending on version. The transducer can be applied into a tiny organ or tissue and smoothly inserted without causing unnecessary harm. Once in place, the transducer will not affect the actual environment it is set to measure.
The Samba Preclin transducer is also safe, meaning that no electricity and no bio-hazardous materials are involved. It is also insensitive to any form of electro-magnetic fields to make it fully compatible with high-end imaging technologies such as MR, CT, PET and SPECT. If scanner triggering is desired the blood pressure signal can be used in favour of ECG to further increase image quality.

* Please Note that the Samba Preclin transducers are for animal research studies only and are not approved for human use.

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Samba Preclin Pressure Sensors

The Samba Preclin pressure transducers are comprised of a silicon sensor element mounted on an optical fibre. Each transducer is calibrated at the factory before delivery to eliminate the need for customer calibration. The calibration data is stored on a small EPROM positioned on the connector and is read automatically at start up.

Sensor diameter 0.36 mm (high pressure)
0.42 mm (low pressure)
Fiber diameter 0.25 mm (bare fiber)
0.40 mm (fiber with radiopaque coating)
Calibration Factory calibration
Measurement media Fluid or gas
Tolerated bend radius 10 mm
Available pressure ranges Low pressure:  
-50 to 350 mbar
High pressure:    
-0.1 to 5 bar
-0.1 to 10 bar
-0.1 to 17 bar
Accuracy -50 to 350 mbar 0.5 mbar and 2.5% of reading (-50 to 250 mbar)
or 4% of reading (250 to 350 mbar)
Accuracy -0.1 to 5 bar 10 mbar and 2.5% of reading (-0.1 to 3 bar)
or 10 mbar and 4% of reading (3 to 5 bar)
Accuracy -0.1 to 10 bar 15 mbar and 2.5% of reading
Accuracy -0.1 to 17 bar 20 mbar and 2.5% of reading
Temperature coefficient -50 to 350 mbar <0.2 mbar/C (20-45C/ 68-113F)
Temperature coefficient -0.1 to 5 bar <3.5 mbar/C (20-45C/ 68-113F)
Temperature coefficient -0.1 to 10 bar <7 mbar/C (20-45C/ 68-113F)
Temperature coefficient -0.1 to 17 bar <14 mbar/C (20-45C/ 68-113F)
Long Term Stability <0.5% of Range
Storage temperature -40 to +80C (-40 to 176F)
Transducer length 4 m (13,1 ft) or 10 m (32,8 ft) for MRI
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