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Harvard Aparatus Canada - Micropipette Pullers

P-30 Puller The model P-30 is a low cost vertical micropipette puller designed for the fabrication of basic micropipettes and patch-type pipettes. It will pull micropipettes with tip diameters as small as 0.3um and moderate taper lengths (10 to 15mm).

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P-97 Puller The P-97 Flaming/Brown type micropipette puller is ideal for fabricating micropipettes, patch pipettes and microinjection needles. While retaining many of the features of earlier models, the P-97 offers improvements in mechanical, electronic and software design. The P-97 combines a proven mechanical system with a programmable microprocessor controller. This programmable control of the pulling parameters allows the investigator to design application specific pipettes from a wide range of glass compositions and sizes.

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P-1000 Puller The P-1000 has been developed through years of experience with the Flaming/Brown style micropipette pullers and infused with leading edge technology, Sutter is proud to introduce the P-1000 micropipette puller. The most obvious new feature is the color touchscreen display that provides an intuitive and full-featured interface.

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