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Harvard Aparatus Canada - P-97 Micropipette Puller

P-97 Puller

The P-97 Flaming/Brown type micropipette puller is ideal for fabricating micropipettes, patch pipettes and microinjection needles. While retaining many of the features of earlier models, the P-97 offers improvements in mechanical, electronic and software design. The result is better control of the pulling process and a higher degree of reproducibility. The P-97 combines a proven mechanical system with a sophisticated, programmable microprocessor controller. This programmable control of the pulling parameters allows the investigator to design application specific pipettes from a wide range of glass compositions and sizes
A number of other features have been incorporated in the design of the P-97. Most apparent is the environmental chamber which surrounds the heating filament. This environmental chamber is designed to minimize the effect of changing humidity on the reproducibility of pulled pipettes. A 25% increase in power over the P-87 allows for the use of larger heating filaments, larger diameter glass and multi-barreled glass. The metal jaws that clamp the heating filament have also been redesigned to minimize heat retention. A gas delivery mode switch provides for extended cooling for large diameter and multi-barreled glass. A spring-loaded clamping mechanism has been added for easier loading of glass. A vacuum fluorescent display has been added that allows easy viewing.

Software improvements on the P-97 include a display of the total heat-on time to assist in program development and troubleshooting. Up to 100 programs can now be written and stored in memory, which makes the P-97 suitable for multiple users. These programs can now be write-protected, adding security to prevent programs from being changed or altered inadvertently. The display shows the last date and time the program was written or edited. In addition, the air pressure is included as a programmable parameter.

The P-97 contains a ramp test to overcome the difficulties of program adjustment when a new filament is installed or to help characterize a new glass and filament combination. This test allows for the rapid adjustment of heat values in established programs and provides estimates for establishing heat settings when using new sizes or compositions of glass capillaries. As with all Sutter instruments, the electronics have been carefully designed to maximize noise rejection.

  • Environmental chamber.
  • Programmable air pressure.
  • Memory storage for up to 100 programs.
  • Write protection and date stamp for each program.
  • Two symmetrical pipettes with each pull.
  • Preprogrammed sample programs for intracellular and patch pipettes. Special programming on request.
  • Ramp test—self test for establishing program heat settings when a new filament or glass is introduced.
  • Vacuum fluorescent display.
  • Internal memory test.
  • Constant current power supply for filament and pull solenoid.
  • Looping pull cycle for fabrication of patch type micropipettes.
  • Self-contained air supply with filtration system and humidity control.
  • Consistent and reliable electrodes with tip diameters less than 0.1Ám.
  • Control over the time and pressure at which the air is delivered.
  • Optimized velocity sensing circuit for maximized sensitivity and reproducibility.
  • Quality control, SEM photograph of a tip pulled with each puller; criterion is tip measurement less than 0.1Ám and typically is ~0.06Ám.
21in x 14in x 12in
(53cm x 36cm x 30cm)
50 lbs (23 kg)
115/230 volts
50/60 Hertz power line

P-97 Product DataSheet (PDF File: 144 kB)

Filaments and Accessories (PDF File 160 kB)
Ordering Information

Order No Description
P97 P-97 Micropipette Puller w/ Platinum/Iridium Coil (recommended)

Order No Description
FB215B 2.0mm square box filament, 1.5mm wide
FB220B 2.0mm square box filament, 2.0mm wide
FB230B 2.0mm square box filament, 3.0mm wide
FB255B 2.5mm square box filament, 2.5mm wide 
FB245B 2.5mm square box filament, 4.5mm wide
FB315B 3.0mm square box filament, 1.5mm wide
FB320B 3.0mm square box filament, 2.0mm wide
FB330B 3.0mm square box filament, 3.0mm wide
FT315B 1.5mm wide trough filament
FT320B 2.0mm wide trough filament
FT330B 3.0mm wide trough filament
FT345B 4.5mm wide trough filament

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