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Havard Apparatus - Animal, Organ and Cell Physiology
Harvard Apparatus
Animal Organ & Cell Physiology

● Regenerative Medicine
● Precision Pumps
● Delivery & Sampling Products
● Animal Handling
● Surgical Tools
● Respiration
● Behavioral Research
● Physiology & Electrophysiology
● Cardiovascular Tools
● Isolated Organ & Tissue Baths
Warner Catalog - Electrophysiology and Cell Biology
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Warner Instruments
Electrophysiology and Cell Biology Equipment

● Live Cell Imaging and Recording Chambers
● Ussing/Diffusion Chambers
● Perfusion Control
● Oocyte Clamps
● Patch Clamps
● Micro-Incubation and Perfusion
● Temperature Control Systems
● Micromanipulators and Microscopy
● Electroporation/Transfection
BTX - Electroporation
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BTX® Molecular Delivery Systems
Electroporation, Electrofusion and Transfection Systems

● Bacteria & Yeast
● Plants & Insects
● Mammalian Cell
● Transfections
● In Vitro, In Utero, In Ovo
● Electrofusion
● Microinjection
Harvard Apparatus - Sample Preparation products
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Harvard Apparatus
Sample Preparation Products

● Packed Pipette Tips
● SpinColumns™
● Filtration Products
● Liposomes
● CoZap™
● ElectroPrep™ System
● Equilibrium DIALYZERS™
Panlab - Behavioral Research
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Harvard Apparatus
Coulbourn / Panlab
Behavioral research

● Video Tracking
● Activity & Exploration
● Sensory Motor
● Analgesia
● Memory
● Anxiety
● Metabolism / Food & Drink
● Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
● Isolated Physiological Systems
Roboz - Surgical Instruments
Surgical Instruments

● Extremely resistant to high heat, corrosion & stains
● Several material choices
● Tweezers Forceps, Clips and Clamps
● Retractors, Micro-dissecting Instruments, Scissors, Scalpels, Wound closures and many more…
Hugo Sachs Electronik
Hugo Sachs Electronik
Specialized Systems for Pharmacology and Research

● Organ Baths
● Perfusion Systems
● Superfusion Baths
● Cardiovascular and Respiratory Research setups.
Radnoti Glass Technology
Radnoti Glass Technology
Research Glassware and Systems

● Isolated Perfused Heart (Mouse Heart available), Liver Perfusion
● Tissue Organ Bath, Blood Vessel Perfusion
Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Medicine Catalog
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Harvard Apparatus
Regenerative Medicine Catalog
References and Advanced Solutions
•Preparation and Harvesting,
•Engineering and Modification,
•Culturing, growth, and conditioning monitoring.

Our Guide Includes:

•Physiological macro to femto fluidic infusion pumps
•Animal to cell electrophysiological monitoring systems,
•Organ to cell perfusion baths and chambers,
•Live cell imaging and perfusion cambers
•Cell engineering tools from electroporation to pneumatic injectors.
Harvard Apparatus - Syringe and Peristaltic Pumps
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Harvard Apparatus
Syringe and Peristaltic Pumps
129 Pages of:

● Syringe Pumps
● Peristaltic Pumps
● Constant Pressure Pumps
● Pultatile Blood Pump
● Accessories

Applications include:
● Infusion
● Dispensing
● Cell Injection
● Perfusion
● MS Calibration
and More...

ADInstruments PowerLab Research Systems Catalog
PowerLab Research Systems
Data Acquisition Systems
“Solutions for Data Acquisition and Analysis”


● Physiology, Psychophysiology & Neurophysiology
● Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics
● Cardiovascular Research, Pharmacology & Toxicology
● Biology, Bioengineering and More
ADInstruments - LabTutor Teaching Systems
LabTutor Teaching Systems
 “PowerLab® LabTutor® allows students to learn physiology, biology, and other life science diciplines through a complete integration of hardware, software and installed lab manuals”

Make teaching easier by combining the following into one program:

● Background scientific information
● Step-by-step instructions
● Real-time data acquisition
● Data analysis
● Report completion
● Report submission
Instech Soloman
Instech Solomon
Infusion Systems for
Laboratory Animal Research
“Infusion Systems for
Laboratory Animal Research”

● Blood Sampling
● Swivels, Mounts & Tethers
● Catheters
● Vascular Access Ports and Needles
● Tubing
● Animal Feeding Needles/Tubes
Denville Scientific Canada
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Denville Scientific
Your Source for Research Equipment and Plastics

● Centrifuges & Tubes
● Electrophoresis
● General Lab Equipment
● General Consumables
● Molecular Biology Equipment
● Thermal Cycling
● Molecular Supplies
● Kits and Reagents
● Pipetting Systems and Tips
● Plates and Sample Storage
● Tissue Culture

Technical Manufacturing Corporation

Vibration Isolation Systems
● Lab Tables, Workstations
● Faraday Cages
● TableTop™ Isolation Systems
● Platforms Isolation Systems
● Optical Tables and Breadboards

Applications :
● Lasers/Optics & Holography
● Spectroscopy & Analytical Balance
● Microscopy, Cell Injection & Patch Clamping
Siskiyou Corporation
Laboratory Mechanicals
Life Science and Photonics

● Mechanical Components
● Mounts, and Positioners
● Motion Controllers
● Translation and Rotary Stage
● Mounting Platforms
● Magnetic Bases, Posts
● Clamps and Fasteners
● Micromanipulators and Probe Holders
● Tissue Slicers
● Photonics (Mirror Mounts, Lens Mounts, Spacial Filters)
Instruments for “The Measurement of Light and the Measurement with Light”

● Photometers and Detectors
● Light Analyzers
● Integrating Sphere
● Calibration Services

Omega Optical
Omega Optical Inc
Optical Filters

 ●Fluorescence filters for Microscopy, Astronomy, Raman Spectroscopy, and
Color imaging

● Longpass, Shortpass, Bandpass, Laser Line, and other custom O.E.M. filters
Trioptics Gmbh
A full range of optical test and measurement equipment

●  Modular Autocollimators
● Collimators, Telescopes
● Optomatic Micro and Optomatic Centring, Super Spherotronic, Spherocompact systems.
Avian Technologies
Avian Technologies
Reflectance Standards

A wide range of
● Calibrated Standards,
● Diffuse Coatings
● Materials for transmittance and reflectance, from the UV to the mid-IR.
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