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Welcome to Harvard Apparatus Canada

(Scientific equipment and products for the Life-Sciences and Optics Research)

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Featured Products Harvard Apparatus Canada

for the Life Sciences

Syringe Pumps

Syringe Infusion Pumps

Animal Ventilators

Animal Ventilators

Homeothrmic Temperature Control Blanket

New Homeothermic Blanket  System

HSE Isolated Heart

Isolated Heart Systems

Surgical Instruments

TMC Lab Tables

TMC Vibration Isolation
Lab Tables

HSE Capnograph

New HSE Capnograph

MouseOx Mouse Oxymeter

New MouseOx

Chromini Clipper

Cordless Animal Clipper

P-30 MicroPipette Puller

MicroPipette Pullers

 Harvard Apparatus
Harvard Apparatus Peristaltic Pumps
New Harvard Apparatus Peristaltic Pumps

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New 2013

Harvard Apparatus
Surgical Solutions 

for Research

New 2013 Surgical Solutions Catalog  

New 2011

Warner Instruments

Electrophysiology &

Cell Biology Catalog

Warner Instruments Catalog

New 2010-11

Harvard Apparatus
Animal, Organ  &
Cell Physiology

Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Medecine Catalog

Other Catalogs Available

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Setting up an Animal Surgical Suite?

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